Lids for disposable cups are a small but functional thing that has become a familiar attribute of modern life. Despite its compact size, it performs numerous essential tasks. The first of these, of course, is to ensure safety when drinking scorching drinks. As you know, today many people drink coffee or tea on the go, without parting with them while walking, driving or working. Due to such dynamic actions, the drink may spill. Still, the lids for disposable cups almost wholly exclude the occurrence of such situations. Also, coffee cup lids are a helpful attribute that will help keep the heat of coffee, tea, cocoa, or hot chocolate long.

Why is it essential to buy cup lids?

Paper cups are one of the most convenient types of disposable cups. They are used in coffee shops, picnics, and various events. To make drinking drinks even more convenient and safer, you can additionally use a lid on a cup.

This packaging element is purchased by many, not only for personal use. Various organizations use lids for disposable cups for large presentations and other crowded events to prevent the spillage of drinks. Therefore, they save the room and interior items from excessive pollution. For any company, this accessory indicates its progressiveness and advanced modern service.

How to choose cup covers

When choosing lids for paper cups, pay attention to several factors:

  • what material the samples are made of;
  • diameter, depending on the size of the cup.
  • You can also consider the colors of the samples.

Choose lids of the same color or different cup shades, or take any of those on sale.

Cup lids are an essential element

The lid is not just an accessory. It increases the efficiency of paper utensils. Due to the presence of the top, first of all, the probability of splashing liquid from the cup is reduced. The second reason you should put lids on paper cups is that they do not allow the drink to cool down quickly. So, in paper cups, as a rule, serve hot drinks. Cover the cup with a lid to keep its temperature a little longer.

Closed cups with tubes are especially valued in institutions that serve children. Drinking a drink from a cup with a lid, the baby does not risk spilling, and his parents can not worry about it. These benefits are sure to be appreciated by your visitors.

What are cup lids?

Disposable paper cup lids do not exist. Paper cannot boast sufficient water resistance to hot steam. The paper cups are also coated with a polypropylene film to make them resistant to moisture, making them impossible to recycle.

The easiest way to use plastic for caps is cheap and easy to form. Still, after disposal, it decomposes for several tens to several hundred years, releasing styrene, formaldehyde, and other toxic compounds under the influence of temperature and humidity.

Typically, plastic caps are made of polypropylene (5PP marking) or polystyrene. These heat-resistant polymers do not emit toxins at temperatures up to +120 … +140 degrees. But their products also decompose for 100-500 years without creating unique conditions for rapid decomposition.

Eco coffee lids made from sugar cane are currently the most modern and environmentally friendly option for completing coffee cups. 100% natural composition and completely biodegradable.