Taste is a personal choice and as such is, well very personal. When it comes to beer that couldn’t be any truer although you will still see some people drinking a particular beer because it’s what their friends drink or it’s the ‘cool’ drink to have. If you are however, in tune with your own personal tastes and appreciate your own individuality, then you will likely want a beer with a more unique taste.

Craft defined

A craft is essentially a skill that has been fine tuned and learned over a long period of time, often being passed down through generations of families. Crafts can also be considered trades which is a word that more people probably can relate to, certainly in terms of skilled work or construction etc.

As we all know, you get your Friday job kind of workers and then you get your skilled tradesman, the difference in what they produce is clear for anybody to see. The difference of the two really comes down to, care, ability, knowledge, experience and of course skills.

Craft beer

Needless to say, if you are in the need of a delicious thirst-quenching beer, then the last thing you want to do is buy a pint of who knows what from your Friday afternoon trade worker. You might pay a little less, but it’s all relative, when cost saving, it can mean wasting money, which kind of defeats the point of the object. You will want a skilled craftsman who knows their stuff and has all the abilities needed in order to create a delicious drink that caters for your taste.

The beauty of craft beer is that is quite literally ‘bespoke’ you can, if you know what you are doing, create some absolutely outstanding, unique beers, both in terms of taste and texture, the ability to add different ingredients mean that your choices of beer taste are almost endless.

Support local business

Craft beer isn’t new but the increased interest is, you will have noticed local pubs offering a range of craft beers from local breweries and drinking spots that specialize in selling only craft beers. If you support the local businesses and breweries then everyone’s a winner, increased sales means, reduced costs and further development, meaning that you could have an input into future creations and blends of the beer.

If you enjoy a beer, then experiment, you might be used to your standard everyday beer in a can but what if you found a beer that you enjoy even more based on the taste, texture and feeling that it provides.