Filled chocolates always offer an extra edge of delight to the customers, but what makes filling convenient and hassle-free?

Enters, the chocolate depositor that makes filling so easy by injecting both the chocolate and the fillings together into a single mold!

The machine helps increase production line by filling chocolates faster without compromising on the quality, integrity, and standards of the products.

What advantages does the chocolate depositor offer?

Manually filling the chocolates involves tremendous effort and a lot of time. You have to place the chocolate in the mold, create the shells, let them cool and crystallize before taking them out from the freezer and cooling it for a final time before filling the chocolates by hand. However, the machine does it all with a single command, thus saving a lot of your time and effort.

You can use this time to decorate the chocolates and take your creativity to the next level by customizing the designs according to consumers’ demands.

Whether you have a small confectionary or a cake shop, these depositors may help you develop your brand identity by giving you all the time to improve the customization benefits you offer.

How to create delectable filled chocolates with depositors?

There are five key stages in the process of chocolate deposition. Scroll on to get a brief idea about each.

Stage 1: Preparing the ingredients

At this stage, you have to prepare the ingredients and ensure that the right temperatures are set. You should also check if the shells are ready before powering the machine on.

Stage 2: Moving the chocolate and the shells

In the second stage, the chocolate will move from the mass tank to the heating hopper and the shells molds on the conveyor belt with the click of a button.

Stage 3: Filling the chocolate

The depositor will initiate the filling process once the shells reach the filling nozzles by stimulating the hopper to release the molten chocolate and controlling the depositing head. You can also add other ingredients to decorate the chocolates during the filling process.

Stage 4: Cooling the chocolate

After filling the shells, the finished products will be sent through the cooling tunnels, where they will cool down at the right temperature and solidify.

Stage 5: Quality analysis

At the final stage, you should check the quality of the finished product before packing and storing it properly.

The chocolate depositor machine may require other equipment to function at their highest efficiency like the chocolate molding plant, the mold heater, the mold pouring machine, mold cooler and demolding. With the combined functions of such equipment, the chocolate depositor can create a wide range of yummilicious chocolates like strip chocolates, double-colored chocolates, and sprayed chocolates among others. So get an industry-standard depositor today to increase the bottom line of your business.