Healthy cooking does not mean you have to invest in modern cookware or instruments that will give you insight into carbs, proteins, calories, etc., in your food. You have to use healthy cooking techniques to cut on the unnecessary saturated fats. You must choose whether to sauté the vegetables or grill your food so that you do not lose on your nutritional value.

By choosing healthy cooking options, you will feed your body with the necessary nutrition. For example, do not rinse the rice many times before cooking, losing the soluble nutrients. Moreover, use the best UV UF water purifier that not only provides safe drinking water but helps you to cook hygiene food also.

Here are some of the healthy cooking tips that will help you the most.

Use the Braising Technique

In braising, you need to first brown the food ingredients in the pan on top of your stove. After that, you can cook it by partially covering it with a small quantity of liquid like broth or water. You can even boil the water in an electric kettle and pour it into the pan if you want to quick your food real quick. A few dishes may include adding the liquid afterward for forming the flavored sauce.

Do not Expose Veggies to Direct Air

Suppose you expose your vegetables to air by cutting them into small pieces. In that case, it can result in loss of Vitamin B or Thiamine or Vitamin C. You must cut your vegetables in larger chunks and immediately cook them to prevent the loss of the essential nutrients. Even steaming the vegetables is a healthier option rather than boiling them. Experts do not recommend boiling vegetables because they may lose water-soluble nutrients. However, if you still boil them, use the boiled water in the curry.

Limit the Addition of Sugar and Salt

Check the amount of sugar and sodium in your meals. If you eat too much, it can put you at a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Instead of having white sugar, you can include healthier versions like brown sugar, maple syrup, jaggery, or honey. Salt, on the other hand, should be taken as low as 2,300 mg a day. But, it’s best to add lemon juice, vinegar, mixed herbs, or any fresh spices that can enhance your food taste.

Go for Low-Fat Cooking

Low-fat cooking not only maintains your weight but will help you with regulating it for your life. If you have to use the oil, then apply the small amount with the pastry brush. You must cook more in liquids than oil like broth, water, lemon juice, etc. For some foods, you can use low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk. To make your vegetables crisp and brown, just put them into the microwave or crisp them under the grill.


You can cook healthy food just by using your daily cookware, microwave, or grill bars. It will not only make cooking fun but easy too. Consider buying fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and cooking methods for healthy food.